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Security startups bid to remove password authentication

By Maddy Christopher - May 27, 2020

Source: accountingweb

Security startups Identité and Volterra have recently released new authentication tools in a bid to remove passwords from online authentication processes.

This month, tech startups Identité and Volterra launched security products removing the necessity for passwords to authenticate online logins. 

In the last two decades, hacker tech has increased dramatically, adding the threat of screen scraping, key loggers and password bots. As password security struggles between vulnerable ease-of-use and inconvenient, complex passwords, tech companies have started to remove them from authentication completely.

A year ago, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla partnered with tech companies Yubico, Qualcomm, Duo Security, and Nok Nok Labs ​to release WebAuthn – allowing passwordless technologies to authenticate online services. It was intended as the new standard of secure authentication, but the implementation process was slow as it requires the technology to be built into each application’s framework in order to function. 

Previously heralded, biometrics has also come under fire as a finite resource and a replicable string of data – biometrics exiles outdated tech as it requires built-in security hardware.

Software solutions and cloud services security startup Identité has answered the security issue with the mobile app authentication system NoPass. The three-way authentication process enables user and server to identify one other. 

Six-month-old distributed cloud services platform Volterra now offers VoltShare as a secure data-sharing tool with end-to-end encryption. 

Identité: NoPass

According to Identité, ‘NoPass employs a patented-pending process known as Full Duplex Authenticationes.

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