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Daon adds biometric nodes to ForgeRock integration, Identité launches passwordless 3FA

By Chris Burt - April 14, 2020

Daon has added its IdentityX nodes software to the ForgeRock Identity Platform to enable organizations to easily build biometrics into their intelligent authentication solution, according to a company announcement.

The joint solution enables seamless, secure and passwordless customer experiences, the companies say.

Daon was one of the first technology partners to the ForgeRock Trust Network, and now adds its IdentityX nodes technology to support customers building authentication and onboarding journeys with ForgeRock in creating customized workflows for their precise needs. The joint solution offers out-of-the-box eKYC, identity theft and takeover protection services support, multi-factor enrollment, authentication and transaction signing services

“Such achievements are only possible through deep collaboration and finely tuned technological harmony,” says Daon CEO Tom Grissen. “This joint solution delivers the strongest possible security in a frictionless customer experience, maximizes the value of ForgeRock’s Intelligent Authentication approach for its customers, and represents an exciting new chapter in Daon’s storied partnership with ForgeRock.”

Daon sees the offering’s onboarding capabilities being used by companies in regulated industries, including banking, payments, investments, and gaming. A gaming company in Hong Kong launched biometric passwordless authentication with Daon’s technology in April.

“Authentication with usernames and passwords is dangerous, and provides a poor user experience. Our customers are looking for something better,” comments Ben Goodman, SVP of Global Business and Corporate Development for ForgeRock. “Daon offers improved security throughout the entire user lifecycle, and when paired with the ForgeRock Identity Platform, it can provide the end-user with a world-class digital experience.”

Goodman wrote about the relationship between biometrics and passwordless authentication in a Biometric Update guest post this week.

Startup Identité launches three-factor passwordless authentication

Paswordless authentication startup Identité has come out of stealth with the launch of its flagship NoPass offering. NoPass provides three-factor authentication based on smartphone QR code scans, visual verification with an image and number, and native device biometrics.

The company is pitching its technology for ecommerce sites, workplace, financial, healthcare, and government applications. It claims NoPass is easy to implement based on Docker contianerization, and complaint with all industry standards. It uses a patented process called Full Duplex Authentication (two-way), which it says uniquely verifies both the app on the user’s device and the server connection to prevent man-in-the-middle, spoofing, and phishing attacks.

NoPass takes under 10 seconds for end users to set up, and less time to log-in, and the company plans to release an SDK for integration into any mobile application.

“Not only are passwords an overwhelming source of security breaches, but they’re a source of frustration for online users,” states Identité President and CEO John Hertrich in a press release. “Attempts to eliminate passwords have produced solutions that are expensive, lack the level of security necessary to fully counter cyber threats and force end users to jump through hoops with every log-in. We developed NoPass to solve these problems and make authentication truly simple and secure.”

Hertrich is also CEO and President of Professional Software Associates (PSA).

Identité says in the press release that it has raised a seed funding round, without specifying an amount.


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