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Customers ❤️ PasswordFreeMFA


PasswordFree™ MFA delivers brilliantly designed passwordless customer login experiences that are faster, simpler, and more secure.



PasswordFree™ MFA Customers never have to use, remember, create, recover, or enter a password

  • Simple to use - Seamless passwordless authentication with no typing or SMS OTP

  • Familiar processUse their mobile devices 

  • More Secure - Biometrics, tokens,  PasswordFree™ MFA, and Identité® patented Full Duplex Authentication™

  • Eliminates - phishing, impersonation, and MITM attacks

  • Lighting Fast - Faster than legacy and SMS OTP

  • No Password Resets


PasswordFree™ MFA
is as easy as 1-

With a simple look, click, or tap, customers are taken through multiple factors of authentication – something they know, something they have, and something they are (biometric).  

Step 1

Install the NoPass™ App

Step 2

The user confirms authenticity by verifying a picture and a number with a simple look and tap (no typing) making it easier, faster, and more secure than SMS and OTP codes

Step 3

Then the customer swipes or taps the accept button confirming that they match

That's it!  Your customer is safely authenticated in seconds

Patented Full Duplex Authentication.jpg

Full Duplex Authentication®

PasswordFree™ MFA is armed with Identité's patented Full Duplex Authentication® creating the most secure passwordless authentication available on the market

Full Duplex Authentication™ methodically ensures all factors are verified. The process includes the user’s digital token and requires the server to authenticate to the customer before exposing their token.


The authentication is executed without any additional action by your customer. The verifier impersonation check is done at light speed, and it protects your customers against phishing, impersonation, fake websites, and “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks.



Developers ❤️ PasswordFree

Improve Conversions

  • Frictionless authentication

  • No more shopping cart abandonment

  • Get new sign-ups and more sign-ins

  • Remove account lockouts forgot passwords No typing in codes


Simple to Deploy

  • Simple APIs, no backend infrastructure

  • No cumbersome codes

  • ​Admin console with custom portal settings and statistic data

Develop Trust

  • Protect your customers

  • Authenticate in Seconds

  • Turn your customer's favorite device into a secure token


It's FREE to Get Started!
*no credit card is required

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