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PasswordFree FAQ


How can I restore my PasswordFree™ account?

1) Upon changing your device or reinstallation of the PasswordFree™ app on your device, after you open the application and accept receiving notifications from PasswordFree™, you will receive a request to enable backup/restore.

2) After clicking “Restore”, you will be asked to enter the restoration PIN that you have set before.

3) After entering your PIN, you will receive a prompt that “MAPD” wants to use your Google account to sign in.

4) After you click “Continue”, you will be redirected to your Google accounts page, where you have to choose your Google account and complete the verification.

5) If your Google verification (via SMS, email) is successful, your NoPass™ accounts will be restored one by one and you can see them on the Accounts page of your PasswordFree™ app.

6) You can always restore your accounts by going into Menu - Settings - Restore if you have already made a Backup before and following the steps displayed before.


Can I restore a backup to a different mobile platform (Android to iOS or iOS to Android)?

Yes, PasswordFree™ uses Google Drive to backup PasswordFree™ accounts, so regardless of the operating system you are using, the only thing you need to restore your accounts is a Google account.

How can I restore my accounts if I've forgotten my restore PIN?

You can not!! You need to provide your restoring PIN code to recover your accounts. PasswordFree™ cannot recover this PIN code for you. Be sure to store it securely.


Where can I get the PasswordFree app?

You can install the application from:

  • App Store - for your iOS mobile device

  • Google Play - for your Android mobile device.

How do I register to use PasswordFree?

There should be a checkbox containing the “use password-less authentication or authenticate with PasswordFree™” on your login screen that will redirect you to the registration process.


What do I need to do to use PassfordFree™ for authentication?

  1. Install the application

  2. Register your PasswordFree™ account on your website.

  3. Have an internet connection on your device (Wi-Fi or cellular).

What permissions should I give my PasswordFree™ app and why?

  • Permission to send Push notifications. We only send push notifications for two purposes:

  1. To send you a login request to approve or deny, or

  2. To alert you to a security issue we detect on your deviceWe will never spam or send irrelevant push notifications. You can deny this permission, but you will have to manually go into the PasswordFree™ app to approve or deny a login request each time you log in.

  • Camera Access. This permission requires you to explicitly grant permission for PasswordFree™ to use your camera to scan QR codes that are used to quickly add multi-factor authentication accounts. You can deny this permission, but without access, you will have to enter your valid email for us to send the activation link to your email so that you can get your account working. PasswordFree™ will never access your photos and will only use your camera when you are scanning the QR code during the registration sequence.

  • GPS. If you give us permission, we will be able to use your precise geolocation (latitude and longitude) in order to offer you features that make use of it. We use this data to provide features of our service, to improve and customize our service, to enforce our geo-fencing security measures for the security of our application, and additional identity verification checks.

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