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PasswordFree™ is revolutionizing the way customers sign in to BigCommerce websites

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PasswordFree™ provides a simple and secure phishing-resistant alternative to passwords and SMS OTPs that can increase conversions and make a positive impact on your customer's experience.

The Problem

58% of consumers have abandoned their virtual shopping carts due to login difficulties (reset or recover their passwords and login info), encountered during the sign-in process.

64% of users simply avoid revisiting web pages and services for which they forgot their passwords and move on to your competitors.

74% of all breaches include the human element, with people being involved either via error, privilege misuse, use of stolen credentials, or social engineering.

70% of passwords are easy to forget and difficult to manage, which leads to, password resets, account lockouts, and cart abandonment.

The Solution

PasswordFree™ eliminates the password and creates simple and more secure login experiences that your customers will LOVE! Your BigCommerce customers now have the option to log in and register PasswordFree™, as in without a password.








AS 1-2-3




Logging in just got easier – with BigCommerce MFA

PasswordFree™ is a more convenient and secure alternative to passwords. Your customers can now log in and register on your website and app with the same ease and simplicity as when they unlock their mobile device using facial recognition or a finger swipe.

  1. Users compare an image and a three-digit number from the service to the corresponding prompt on their device.

  2. The verification only requires a simple look, click, or tap to accept or decline (no typing).

  3. Then the user provides their biometrics via Face ID or Touch ID on their device.


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Awesome passwordless app!

Dec 7, 2023

After I started using NoPass, I began enjoying signing in to my accounts! No need to remember or look for my old passwords! Registrations without the password.

BigCommerce Merchant

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Faster registrations without the password

Nov 2, 2023

Simple one-click setup. The app added a login button that allows the user to sign up and return without a password. This is a much better user experience than the standard registration and login interface.

BigCommerce Merchant

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is a really good app

Jun 21, 2023

This is a really good app. If you've ever forgotten your passwords, then this app is exactly for you. Convenient without unnecessary action and no need to remember many different passwords.

I heartily recommend it, great software.

BigCommerce Merchant

                                                                  BigCommerce MFA
Gets MORE Customers to the FINISH LINE!

Get the                               BigCommerce App

Service is free for up to 10,000 monthly active users.

  • No credit card is required.

  • PasswordFree™ app is pre-integrated with BigCommerce, so you can easily add it to your site with three simple clicks (no coding), in less than a minute. 

  • User-friendly dashboard with analytics.​​

  • Includes online support.​

​Contact sales if you wish to discuss upgraded plans, customization, paid support, and SLA (Service Level Agreement) options.

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