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PasswordFree™ MFA for Customers

Simple to Use, Simple to Deploy...

Identité® patented Full Duplex Authentication®

Identité® patented Full Duplex Authentication®

  • PasswordFree™ is a multi-layered passwordless MFA security solution armed with Identité® patented Full Duplex Authentication®

  • Authenticates the user’s digital token. And requires the server to authenticate to the customer before exposing the user’s token.
  • Customers confirm authenticity by verifying a picture and a number with a simple look and tap. No typing is required making it easier, faster, and more secure than SMS and OTP codes.
  • Protects your customers against phishing, impersonation, and “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks.

Simple to Deploy

Identité® PasswordFree™ is all you need to integrate the APIs. No server to install so you are able to access your PasswordFree Authentication™ solution immediately.  The SaaS offering is designed to allow web designers and developers of any skill level to implement a PasswordFree Authentication™️ solution with minimal effort.  In less than a day, developers can add a few APIs to their web portal and connect the service without installing backend infrastructure.

Zero Infrastructure

Customer SaaS was engineered for developers and online companies to be simple and secure.

No need to worry about the maintenance of hardware, or which operating system version supports which database. Identité® builds and takes care of all the IT infrastructure complexity so you can focus on your business.

User Backup and Data Recovery

Customer SaaS PasswordFree™ solutions eradicate the painstaking task of backing up your data on a weekly basis, instigating automatic backups without user intervention and thus ensuring the integrity of your data. Your customers will enjoy, the groundbreaking NoPass™ backup and restore option, making their accounts recoverable without being bound to any single device.

Affordable/Low Up-Front Costs

Customer SaaS is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis, making it both flexible and affordable enough for any budget; small to midsize businesses, and even startups can adopt our robust, PasswordFree Authentication™️ Customer SaaS Solutions.

All-Inclusive SaaS

Identite hosts and maintains the servers, databases, and code. All SaaS customer software updates and upgrades are managed for you, eliminating the need to install or download patches. You can be assured that you will always have the most up-to-date software at no additional cost to you.


NoPass™ Mobile App - Your passwordless authentication is always with you when you have a NoPass™ mobile app installed on your smartphone. 


NoPass™ Desktop App - The easiest way to get access to your Windows services is to install the NoPass™ desktop app on your computer

NoPass™ Authenticator Apps

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SaaS #PasswordFree Authentication™️ for Customers by Identité® is a revolutionary backbone for the digital security of internet businesses, with the latest Passwordless technology, and layered MFA functionalities that will improve and modernize your business’s internet security and authentication standards, and it creates a more secure, simple  #PasswordFree™ experience for your customers. 

Blue Smoke

Upgrade with SDK for a White-label Customer Experience

SaaS PasswordFree Authentication SDK (1600 × 500 px).png

The Identité® Software Development Kit (SDK) was created for developers and online businesses that already have an app, or want to deploy a company-branded app. The SDK facilitates the integration of our PasswordFree™️ 3-factor authentication APIs right into your existing mobile application.   


Identité® white-label with SDK creates a custom branded PasswordFree Authentication™️ experience where your online customers can authenticate directly on your app, rather than installing the Identité® authenticator app on their smartphone.


The Identité® SDK SaaS for PasswordFree™️ white-label solution is available for use with iOS and Android devices, and is available for native and web app support on any device.

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