SaaS PasswordFree Authentication™  Customer Features

SaaS #PasswordFree Authentication™ powers a world-class customer experience

Identité® engineered PasswordFree Authentication™️ by utilizing a visual-only confirmation, allowing the customer to confirm their authenticity by using a picture and a number (no typing required), This makes the authentication process easier and more secure for your customers than the popular One Time Password (OTP) methods that require a user to type a 6-8 character code. This authentication process is simpler and more secure for your users than the popular OTP methods that require users to type a 6-8 character code.

Simple as 1.2.3 Passwordless.png

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Turn your smartphone into a security token.   With a simple look, click, or tap, customers are taken through at least three factors of authentication – something they know, something they have, and something they are (biometric).  
Step 1

Your customer compares two images, a picture of an object and a 3-digit number.

Step 2

Your customer then swipes or touches the accept button confirming that they match.

Step 3

Your customer is safely authenticated under 5 seconds.

*Your returning customers will be able to execute Identité® PasswordFree™️ Three-factor Authentication (3FA) with a biometric, in less than 1 second.

Identité® patented Full Duplex Authentication®

The customer's security is enhanced by the Identité® patented Full Duplex Authentication®, an intelligent Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security process, which not only authenticates a user’s digital token (which is used in place of a password) but also requires the server to authenticate to the customer before exposing the user’s token. This essentially eliminates phishing, impersonation, and “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks.


SaaS #PasswordFree Authentication™️ for Customers by Identité® is a revolutionary backbone for the digital security of internet businesses, with the latest 3FA Passwordless technology, and layered MFA functionalities that will improve and modernize your business’s internet security and authentication standards, and it creates a more secure, simple  #PasswordFree™ experience for your customers. 

Simple to Use and Simple to Deploy