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WOW your Customers with
Simple, Faster, and MORE SECURE  PasswordFree™ MFA

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There’s Nothing Like Experience, Try before you buy...


SaaS #PasswordFree Authentication™️ for Customers by Identité® is a revolutionary backbone for the digital security of internet businesses, with the latest Passwordless technology, and layered MFA functionalities that will improve and modernize your business’s internet security and authentication standards, and it creates a more secure, simple  #PasswordFree™ experience for your customers. 

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PasswordFree is as easy as 1-2-3

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See for yourself how 
PasswordFree works...

With a simple look, click, or tap, customers are taken through multiple factors of authentication – something they know, something they have, and something they are (biometric).  

Step 1

Install the NoPass App

Step 2

The user compares two images, an object, and a 3-digit number.

Step 3

Then the customer swipes or taps the accept button confirming that they match.


Your customer is safely authenticated in seconds.

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      Identité® Patented Full Duplex Authentication®

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PasswordFree™ is a multi-layered passwordless MFA security solution armed with Identité® patented Full Duplex Authentication®

  • Authenticates the user’s digital token. And requires the server to authenticate to the customer before exposing the user’s token.
  • Customers confirm authenticity by verifying a picture and a number with a simple look and tap. No typing is required making it easier, faster, and more secure than SMS and OTP codes.
  • Protects your customers against phishing, impersonation, and “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks.
  • Full Duplex Authentication® is added to the authentication factor of “something a user has” to protect users against phishing and impersonation attacks. And is executed without any additional action by the user.


The result is more secure authentication with less friction because the verifier impersonation check is done at light speed.

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Your Customers are Going to ❤️ You!

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PasswordFree™ builds greater trust and brand value by delivering high-quality customer authentication experiences that are familiar, faster, and more secure. 

Why Customers Love PasswordFree™️  

  • They're never required to remember, create, recover or enter passwords

  • Simple to use- No typing required

  • Familiar process- Use their mobile device

  • Eliminates phishing and impersonation attacks

  • More Secure- Strong multi-layered passwordless MFA that's armed with patented Full Duplex Authentication®

  • Lighting Speed Fast


Significantly improve your customer's log-in and onboarding experiences with simple and secure PasswordFree Authentication™️

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