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SaaS PasswordFree Authentication™️ For Customers

Identité® Inc., for Customers SaaS, provides an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, and scalable PasswordFree Authentication solution for developers and online businesses.  Our SaaS version is perfect for any web portal, or App that requires a customer to register and log in. It will improve and modernize your internet security standards, and create a more secure, simple PasswordFree experience for your customers. With a simple look, click, or tap, customers can register on the NoPass App and authenticate using the highest levels of security. 

The key ingredient to making

SaaS PasswordFree Authentication™️  fully secure is...

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Identité® patented Full Duplex Authentication® powers world-class customer experiences

Our patent for Full-Duplex Authentication® also includes a visual confirmation for the user by allowing them to confirm login using a simple picture and a number. This is easier and more secure than popular OTP methods that require a user to type a 6-8 character code.

Key Benefits:

  • PasswordFree Authentication™️

  • Multi-Factor, Multi-Channel User Authentication

  • Anti Phishing protection for customers

  • More secure and easier than SMS OTP

  • Gain market share from competitors

  • Decentralized, no vault of customer data

  • Eliminates account takeover fraud

Protect yourself, protect your customers...

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Identité® focuses on securing your customers, not on what they can remember...



Going PasswordFree is how you get customers to:

  1. Never be required to remember, create, recover or enter a password EVER 🎉✨

  2. Trust your business more  🔐

  3. Spend more money 💰

  4. Stay on your website longer  ⏰

  5. Not abandon carts  🛍

  6. Return to your website more often 🙋‍♀️ 🤗


PasswordFree Authentication™️ helps businesses acquire more customers by eliminating fraud, and account takeovers provide privacy protection and significantly improve the customer experience when they become authentically, PasswordFree™️.

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